Dementia Assist, LLC provides a 

Dementia Assistant Certification Program that consists of an annual 8 hour class which provides the basics of dementia care.  At the end of this training you will receive certification as a 

Dementia Assistant.




Whether you are a family member of someone with dementia or a professional caregiver or a caregiving agency, there will inevitably be difficult situations in which an outside look can shed some new light.  Let me bring you some fresh ideas and insights.

Educations and Trainings


Knowledge is power.  The more you know about dementing illnesses, their causes and treatments, the more prepared you will be as a private or professional caregiver.



None of us can do the job of caring for individuals with dementia on our own.  I can assist in connecting you with local resources to help with your dementia journey and give you ideas to make the journey more successful. 

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