Dementia Book


Dementia: From the Wrong End of the Bed

This book offers a fresh insight into the causes and solutions of dementia behaviors based on 20 years of caregiving and professional training. Written by Nationally Certified Dementia Practitioners and Certified Dementia Specialists, the authors use real-life scenarios and real-life solutions to illustrate how behavior is the communication of an unmet need. Tackling subjects from bathing to sexuality, the reader gains a better understanding of what works, what doesn't and why in practical discussions of the current methods used in dealing with the progression of the disease. The goal is to help the caregiver look at behavior from a different viewpoint, a needs based/communication approach rather than just an odd, annoying or disruptive behavior. Hence the title, Dementia: From the Wrong End of the Bed

Book Testimonial

"The amount of time, in depth studies and creative thinking you utilized in problem solving, to reach into each individual's needs and wants is truly an exceptional breakthrough. I learned so much from reading your approaches. And I realized there is so much more knowledge you carry with you on the subjects of dementia, Alzheimer's and related issues...

Kudos to you Dee Dee and Sheryl for all you are contributing to the safe keeping of your fellowmen and women!  

To all of you seeking help, I recommend getting the stress relief and happiness you and your family deserve. Pick up this book and find the treasures!"