Training Topics/Content

Dementia 101


This training answers the following questions:  

What is dementia?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  What are the different types of dementia?  What are the stages of the disease?  

Dementia and Communication


This training offers keys to communicating including:

What to say, What not to say, Communicating effectively with validation, and understanding non-verbal communication. 

Dementia and Behaviors


This training includes:

Common behaviors, What behaviors look like, What approaches work, What approaches are less effective, How to view behaviors, How to work with dementia behaviors.

Dementia and Safety


This training includes:

Seeing the world from a dementia viewpoint, What safety issues to look for, How to keep the individual with dementia safe, How to keep others safe.

Dementia Environments


This training answers the questions:

What are the hallmarks of a good dementia environment?  What activities are appropriate?  How do you tailor the environment and activities to individuals?

All Day Inclusive Training


This training includes all of the dementia trainings in a full day seminar (especially good for Care Settings and Staff Educations).