From Michelle M

 “When it comes to knowledge and being an expert in the best way to care for and interact with people with dementia, Sheryl is always the first person that comes to my mind…Sheryl is an expert in the field.  She has always been my “go to” person for assistance or questions when it comes to Alzheimer’s or dementia.  I would recommend her to anyone that needs help in this area.”  

From Mike B

"Sheryl is the Dementia Whisperer!  I am amazed at how she seems to be able to read an individual with dementia and know how to respond, communicate, interact, and work with behaviors.  She's THE Dementia Guru in my book!"

From Garry D

"I commend Sheryl for the valuable time she spent with me and my wife.  Before Sheryl was involved, all my wife wanted to do was just sit in a chair or lie down and sleep.  With Sheryl's help, my wife is now engaged, assists with chores around the house, works on jigsaw puzzles, and many more things too numerous to mention.  I fully appreciate Sheryl's care and concern and wish to thank her for helping my wife return to a better life.  

We LOVE Sheryl!"